The Quadratix Mission

Quadratix is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of service and equipping our staff with the most up-to-date training ensuring that you are working with a team that is highly qualified and committed to your business success.

We set ourselves apart in making sure that IT enables your business, therefore making it cost effective and scalable for you as much a possible.

Our comprehensive IT service includes the complete care package which sets us apart from our competition by providing your business with a fully managed outsourced IT support service that is tailored to your meet the demands of your business requirements. Quadratix works to the ISO 20071:2013 standard which will provide you with the confidence that we are committed to the highest standards of security when working with your data in the most operationally sound manner.

We pride ourselves on our client communications, our team of friendly and helpful staff will communicate with you jargon free ensuring that you know your issues are not only being addressed but are also being understood in line with your individual business needs.

Contact the Quadratix team today and begin the process of putting I.T to work for your business. Call: 01225 904484

Our Story

Founded in 2008 Quadratix is as an IT service company. We care as much about your information security as we do about our own. Our ITIL based processes and procedures ensure that your information and IT systems are in safe hands. Quadratix provides several services ranging from IT and ISO 27001 consultancy to complete IT support contracts where we are able to perform all functions of an internal IT department for a fraction of the cost. As we look after dozens of systems in the same way for many clients we have built up a wealth of knowledge to help troubleshoot issues. 90% of the time when you experience an IT issue, we have not only encountered it before but had the time to troubleshoot and create a fix that we can instantly apply to your systems.



The Quadratix Team

Our team members have worked not only for other IT outsourcing companies but for companies that have used third party IT providers, giving us a unique vantage point of knowing exactly what the pain points are from both sides - and how to resolve them.

Choosing an IT supplier is more than just about the technology, it's about people being able to demonstrate their creativity in the solutions they design to accomplish your business goals.