On Demand Cloud Services


The cloud has become a term used for everything from hosted servers to Software as a Service making it very difficult for consumers to tell exactly what they are buying. Quadratix provides the best Web Hosting service for your business. We manage domains and web hosting for freelancers, web designers and entire web development companies, as well as for our regular clients in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, the Southwest and anywhere else.

For your peace of mind, and for your business confidentiality and security, all Quadratix on-line services are guaranteed to be physically hosted in the United Kingdom.

All you have to do is give us a call, tell us what domain and hosting services you want, and we set it up for you. Should you need to change a DNS record you can either email it in to us, or call us, and it will be done on the spot. No Charge, no Fuss; just a part of our superb standard hosting service.


At Quadratix, we know that communication is the life force of your business. If you cannot communicate with your customers and they are unable to communicate with you, then they will look elsewhere to find someone that they can talk to.

Using the phone extensively ourselves, we also realise the importance of minimising the cost of phone use to the business as much as possible, whilst maintaining call quality. VoIP allows us to do just that.

Our solution allows your business to continue to communicate through several worse case scenarios - for example, if your offices become unusable and you need to work from elsewhere, temporarily or permanently, all you need is a place with an Internet connection that you can plug your phone into. The system does the rest and you are contactable on your normal number and extension immediately. Our VoIP is available in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, South/Southwest and anywhere else.