Full IT Consultancy Service

Quadratix offers IT Consultancy, covering a variety of disciplines such as network design and setup, server virtualisation, SAM (Software Asset Management) and licensing, migrating to a cloud infrastructure, server and infrastructure upgrades. We offer IT Consultancy for security and disaster-recovery planning, data recovery, virus and malware removal and protection.

We also offer SQL Server installation, SQL performance tuning, and full system audits.

With our IT consultancy process and often with IT in general we find that there is often more than one way to achieve a business objective. For example if you need to upgrade your SQL server, there are two options; scale up or scale out. Scaling-up is as simple as buying a new faster server and migrating your current databases to it. Scaling-out is adding additional resources to a current setup. So you could add an additional SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) server to an existing SSRS setup, creating an SSRS web farm, which would build in HA (High Availablity). It frequently comes down to what do you need to accomplish and how can it be achieved for the least cost as you always need to take into account the licensing changes needed if any.